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Real Life Stories from Students and Alumni

Alexander Rodriguez

'I Want to Help My Community'

Alexander Rodriguez enrolled in Southeast Technical College's Paramedic Science program as a way to help his community when in crisis. 

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Trey Martin Testimonial

'I Grew My Confidence at STC'

Trey Martin initially enrolled at Southeast Technical College in the Architectural Engineering Technology program because he wanted to use his creative flair in his career. He soon realized that the program wasn’t a great fit for him, so with the help of his advisors, he was able change course to the Marketing program and was able to make the most of his talent.

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Angie Lucid

'I'm Actually Doing Something I Enjoy.'

After a military deployment, Angie Lucid and her husband didn't think their careers were quite right. Together, they enrolled at Southeast Tech, expanded their educations, and Angie is "actually doing something she enjoys!"


Tyler Starr Screenshot

'I Discovered Who I am and Who I Want to Be'

When Tyler Starr ended his professional football career, it was an opportunity to discover himself. As a father of three, he knew he needed something close to home that worked with his schedule, and liked the hands-on learning available STC. “They helped me reveal who I am and who I want to be.”


Charlene Roth

'Online Classes Made it Easy for Me to Succeed!'

Charlene Roth always wanted to attend college. When she made the decision to enroll at Southeast Tech, she took many of her classes online because they fit into her life. Shortly after she graduated, she was promoted!

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Taya Tolley Testimonial

'Now it's My Turn'

Taya Tolley took the non-traditional path through nursing school. She had kids at a young age and put her career on the back burner to raise her family. As a Build Dakota scholarship recipient, her financial concerns with continuing her education were alleviated. She will soon graduate from the RN program. 

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Johnette Tody Testimonial

'It’s the Right Place to Be.'

Johnette Tody spent more than a decade working as a CNA, but wanted to take her nursing career further. Since it had been some time since her last classroom experience, she found STC's hands-on approach to learning to be the best option.

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Derek Lucid Testimonial

'A Life I Didn’t Think was Possible'

Derek Lucid and his wife, Angie, enrolled at Southeast Technical College in Sioux Falls, S.D., after their military deployment. They wanted to do something different when they returned to civilian life, so they enrolled at STC to re-train and re-tool.

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Eric Kollie Testimonial

'My Student Success Advisor is the Best'

Erik Kollie didn’t intend to go to college. But, because of a recommendation from a friend, he enrolled at Southeast Technical College in Sioux Falls, S.D. Here, he found the support he needed to make his education and training a success!

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