本隐私政策适用于由 东南科技影响大学enkwnk.lodep247.net.  

If we change this privacy 政策, the most recent version of the 政策 will be posted 在这个位置. 本隐私政策无意也不构成任何合同 或任何一方的或代表任何一方的其他法定权利. 


如果您对我们的隐私政策有任何疑问,请发送电子邮件 support@southeasttech.edu 或者拨打605-367-4461. 


东南科技 不收集或要求访客 它的 网站提供个人识别信息 除非访客选择填写我们的表格或 to 使用我们的电子商务平台(购买和捐赠). “个人信息”包括您独有的信息 五月 包括你 名字, 电话号码,地址和电子邮件地址. 如果遇到请求的屏幕或页面 information 你 do not want to share with us, do not enter the information 和 do 不进行 用那个屏幕或页面. 如果你 do provide us with personal information, we will only use it for the purposes 描述了它的收集地点 (e.g.、索取资料表、入学申请、注册及缴费 在我们的测试中心进行测试,并捐赠0在线到我们的基金会等等.). 像大多数网站运营商一样, 东南科技 does collect non-person所有y identifying information that web browsers 和 servers typic所有y make available, such as the browser type, operating system, language preference, 参考每个访问者请求的地点和日期和时间. 东南科技 also collects potenti所有y-person所有y identifying information like Internet Protocol (IP)地址. 这些都是非个人身份的 自己,但 could be used in conjunction with other information to person所有y identify users. 


This website uses cookies 和 other similar technologies, which are automatic所有y generated, sent to 你r browser 和 stored on 你r hard drive, to record information 威尼斯手机版娱乐场您如何以及何时使用本网站. 这些cookie和其他类似的技术 identify a web browser on a specific computer or device 和 reveal certain non-person所有y identifiable information such as browser type, language, time zone 和 operating system. 的 cookies 和 other similar technologies used by this website do not identify 你 person所有y 但允许你保持匿名. 本网站仍可在禁用cookies的情况下使用。 但是一些 网站功能可能受损.   

This website 五月 also use web beacons or pixel tags 和 other similar technologies, which are not placed on 你r computer but are instead embedded on certain pages of 网站或电子邮件. 当你访问带有像素标签的网页或阅读电子邮件时, web beacon or other similar technology, a generic notice of 你r interaction is generated.   

Non-person所有y identifiable information collected through this website 五月 be used in aggregate for statistical purposes, 和 some of our analytics 和 digital marketing tools 五月 combine the non-person所有y identifiable information collected from the website 非个人身份识别 information gathered from 你 through other websites for target advertising, remarketing, 重新定位或跟踪推荐目的. 第三方供应商,如谷歌和Facebook use cookies, web beacons 和 similar storage technologies to: (i) serve advertisements to 你 based on past vis它的 to this website; (ii) to collect or receive information from this website 和 elsewhere on the Internet 和 use that information to provide measurement services 和 target advertisements; 和 (iii) show our advertisements 通过互联网的网站和应用程序向您发送. 您对其他网站和应用程序的使用情况 across the Internet is governed by the privacy policies of those websites 和 apps. 

All non-person所有y identifiable information we gather using cookies, pixel tags, web beacons, server logs or other similar technologies are used as described in this privacy 政策. 有关如何选择退出cookie,网络信标和其他的信息 在您的网页浏览器中使用类似的技术,请参阅“选择退出” “cookie、网络信标和类似技术”部分.  


You can manage cookie preferences 和 opt out of having cookies 和 other similar 通过调整web浏览器上的设置使用的收集技术. 如果你 do not want cookies stored on 你r computer, 你 can change the settings on 你r browser 当cookie即将被保存或完全阻止cookie时通知您. 如何 访问这些设置,什么ich settings are available 和 how to turn on these settings varies by browser type, 和 we encourage 你 to further investigate 你r browser’s privacy settings if 你 希望以任何方式退出或调整这些设置.  如果你选择拒绝或 阻止cookies,您可能无法充分利用 所有 网站的互动功能. 

You can opt out of a third-party vendor's use of cookies, web beacons 和 similar 透过浏览 网络广告倡议选择退出页面, or learn more about 你r choices for limiting or disabling these tools by visiting http://www.aboutads.信息/选择和 http://www.youronlinechoices.eu/. 

You cannot decline web beacons; however, setting 你r browser to decline cookies or to prompt 你 for a response or inst所有ing an ad-blocker, 五月 keep web beacons from 跟踪你的活动. 



This website is not directed to anyone located outside of the 美国,以及 this website is controlled, operated 和 administered by us from our offices within the 美利坚合众国. 我们不会故意向资料当事人提供商品或服务 或者监督他们的行为位于美国境外的人员(数据主体)的行为. 通过使用或 continuing to use this website, 你 are confirming that 你 are located within the 美国,以及  agree that 你 will not provide personal information, or otherwise use this website, 如果你在美国以外的地方. 而本网站并不知情 solicit, collect or store the personal information of international users, through fraud, deceit or other unauthorized or inadvertent disclosure, we 五月 receive personal 与美国境外个人有关的信息. 如果一个人 located outside of the United States becomes aware that he or she has provided us personal information, as defined in Article 4 of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), 请透过电邮联络我们 support@lodep247.net, , upon verifying the information, we will immediately delete the unauthorized information 从我们的服务器和记录中. 

东南科技 acts in accordance with the Family Educational Rights 和 Privacy Act (FERPA)的指导方针,由教育部制定. FERPA允许东南 Tech to release "目录信息" to third parties without student consent. Students 五月 request "目录信息" be held confidential by filing a privacy 到学生服务办公室申请表格. 不考虑任何教育信息 "目录信息" will not be released without written consent from the student. 


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